8 Modern Tips for Marketing to Millennials

There are currently 80 million Millennials in the U.S. – nearly one-fourth of the total population. And, with an annual buying power of $200 billion, they are the most lucrative market. Plain and simple: Nearly every marketer today is making Generation Y a priority – or at least working to understand what drives and delights this instrumental group.

One key element that justifies Millennial domination of the marketplace is the fact this new marketing style – which we’ll delve into in just a minute – isn’t just a fad. Here, we’ll discuss 8 important tactics for marketing to the demographic of the hour and explain why these tactics are lasting ones.

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Text Messaging Guidance – White Paper

Our experience and research tells us that SMS open rates are 98%, with 97% of Americans texting at least once per day.  Why not tap into this for business????

Tell me, do you all have any employees who are communicating with customers via personal smart devices? Perhaps on the sales side? Collections? If you don’t think you do…chances are at some point, someone will communicate via a personal device.

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